Cost and Fee Structure

Effective June 1, 2020


Unlock Fee, Per-Mile Charges and Minimum Ride Fee: Skip does not charge a fee to unlock one of its scooters, and charges $1.00 per quarter mile (0.25 miles) thereafter. Rides are not subject to a minimum charge. 

Drop-Off Charge:  If you are in a city where Skip has identified a service territory (as shown on the map in the mobile app), and you decide to end a ride outside of such service territory (whether or not you receive a notice or warning in the mobile app at or before you attempt to end a scooter ride outside of our service territory), then Skip in its sole discretion may charge you a drop off charge equal to $25.00 for for each drop or ended ride outside of the service territory area. You agree, as a condition of the Terms of Service, to pay any and all such charges incurred in connection with the use of Skip Services through your account.

Fines, Fees, Penalties, Impound Charges, Traffic Tickers, Tolls:  You agree to pay any and all fines, penalties, impound fees (or related charges), traffic tickets, tolls and other government or third party related fees incurred in connection with use of Skip Services through your account. Such fines or other charges include, but are not limited to, any government fees or charges incurred as a result of violation of any law, regulation, rule, statute, ordinance or binding government or regulatory order or decree relating to scooters in the relevant jurisdiction. Examples of such fees include fines for violation of parking rules or rules relating to sidewalk riding.

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