I was charged incorrectly

If you believe you were overcharged or charged in error after reviewing the following information, fill out our contact form so our Support team can assist you.

Here are some common reasons riders believe they were overcharged for a ride. Check to see if any of these situations may have applied to your ride:

Higher price than expected

We strive to bring you urban mobility options when and where you need them. As a part of that, we aim to build a sustainable business model at Skip. As such, our pricing and fee structure may change from time to time. Current pricing is always available on the scan to start tool, our Transport Rate Schedule, and our Cost and Fee Structure help center page.

Paid more than the length of my ride

If riders forget to end their ride or in the rare case that there is an issue with ending the rental, riders may see a larger charge than expected, up to the maximum charge of $50.00. If you feel that this situation applies to you, please contact our support team and they can assist you. Also be sure to check out our how to end ride article to avoid this type of overcharge in the future.

Multiple charges for the same ride

Part of the process to start a ride involves creating an authorization. You may see a $1.00 or $10.00 transaction as well as your final charge amount if you check your bank statement. This isn't multiple charges, rather it is 1 authorization and 1 charge. To learn more about authorizations, check out our article.

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